Machine Learning | Computational Neuroscience


Hi there! I am a first year CS PhD student at the Huth Lab at UT, Austin. My research lies at the intersection of machine learning and computational neuroscience. I am specifically interested in language processing in both biological and artificial networks.

The two broad directions of my research are:

  1. Using existing ML/NLP systems to build better language encoding models for the human brain and understanding  representations learned by these models to arrive at plausible computational processes.
  2. Leveraging our insights into how the brain efficiently understands language while combining it with alternate modalities like vision and audition, to in turn design better artificial networks.

Before arriving at UT, I did my undergrad at NITK, Surathkal and spent some amazing time with the ML group at Leuphana University, Germany, while working on my Bachelor’s thesis on educational data mining. I also did a minor thesis with Prof. Sowmya Kamath focusing on visual saliency for advertisements.

I can most effectively be contacted through email (shailee at I also use LinkedIn sometimes, but rarely tweet (working on it!). You can find my CV here.

Recent News

October, 2018 – Got a NIPS Travel Award and UT CS Professional Development Award for travel to NIPS’18, Montreal, Canada.

August, 2018 – Our work on contextual encoding models is accepted at NIPS’18! And I officially started my PhD!

May, 2018 – My first grad school preprint on incorporating context into language encoding models is out and under review!

April, 2018 – My bachelor’s thesis work done with Ahcène Boubekki and Prof. Ulf Brefeld is accepted at the Eleventh International Conference on Educational Data Mining, Buffalo, NY.

August, 2017 – Started my Masters at UT CS and research with Prof. Alex Huth.

July, 2017 – Got the Narotam Sekhsaria PG Scholarship, JN Tata Endowment Scholarship and KC Mahindra Scholarship to support my graduate studies.